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86-55 Broadway, Store A9
( Inside Broadway Plaza )
Elmhurst, NY 11373

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Find The Piece You Need With Old Coin Dealers In New York, NY

Numismatists specialize in the collection and dealing of old and rare coins. They understand the value of securing evidence of the past in monetary form. Old coin dealers in New York, NY, know that one of the most accurate records of the history of leaders and rulers appear on the face of almost every coin ever minted. They authenticate collectible supplies to ensure enthusiasts obtain the pieces they need.

Careful Curation

A love of history and preserving it are just two of the reasons dealers in old coins so carefully curate and preserve their collections. From Roman times to the present, coins provide a look into the past and verifiable evidence of how the civilized world changed from century to century. When archeologists find a coin, it provides an accurate timeline for days-gone-by.

Authentic Collectibles

Our coin shop offers authentic items that hold intrinsic value for their historical significance. They also find an important place in the coin market as collectibles. When a dealer is looking to buy coins online or searching for that elusive piece to complete their set, they contact Vieira Coins & Collectibles. Give us a call today and see what we can do to help your collection stand out.

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