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Certified Rare Coins in New York, NY, for the True Collector

Collectors searching for authentic collectibles and certified rare coins in New York, NY, at competitive prices can find them all at Vieira Coins. We’re proud to work with the best companies in the world to keep collectibles well stored and protected. Since we provide wholesale items and free shipping on purchases over $400, big collectors, dealers, and retail stores save significantly.

Don't need the whole box? No problem. Just click on our retail items; all are available in small quantity with the same quality.

Wholesale Products

Certified, Rare Gold Coins

Certified Gold Coins

As a trusted coin dealer, we get our high-end, rare gold from all over the world. 95% of it is from America, and the rest is from:

• Great Britain
• Russia
• France
• Brazil
• Peru

Most of our coins are rare and range from $100 to $10,000. The most popular are our pre-1933 gold coins. We guarantee originality and offer a hassle-free, 14-day money back guarantee, so long as the coins are the same and undamaged and you pay for shipping. This applies to foreign coins and paper money too. Our business prioritizes US orders, but ships worldwide as well.

Rare Foreign Coins and Valuable Paper Money

Vieira Coins is your source for certified rare coins and bills from all over the world. The 8 Reales from South America is our most popular and was used by Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and Spain from the 18th and 19th centuries. From pre-1950 paper money to 1800s and 1900s certified paper money, consider us your trusted numismatists.

95% of our paper money is American, and the rest is foreign. We have items like the 1899 Black Eagle large size silver certificate $1 bill from the United States and many more, all of which are original.

Foreign and Rare Coins

United States Paper Currency

We Buy Coins Too

When you come across some old money in an attic and aren’t sure where it’s from or what it’s worth, take it to your local coin dealer. We’re happy to appraise it for free and give you an honest assessment of what you can get for it. Be sure to stop by today.

Contact us to arrange an appraisal for any coins in Corona and New York City, New York, and the neighboring areas. We can tell you exactly what you have and how valuable it is.